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EB Games is your home for tech repair and servicing. Our Reboot team offers a variety of risk-free services, and we cover a huge range of products; from consoles to mobile phones, controllers to iDevices, we guarantee a comprehensive service of your device.

Simply bring your item instore and we'll take care of the rest. Our team of expert technicians ensure that your device is serviced and quality tested in an efficient and timely manner. All repairs and upgrades are covered by a 3 month warranty, and if we cannot repair your device, there is no cost to you. Our policy is one low cost covers all faults; no matter how extensive the service.

Repair Prices

We repair all kinds of issues over a wide range of products, from read errors and power faults in consoles, to charging issues and screen damage in phones. Please find below a list of devices we repair; remember that no matter how bad the damage is, one low price covers all faults.

Common faults - Disc read/feed error, power/image faults, blue light error, cosmetic damage, charging issues, broken joysticks/buttons/triggers.

PlayStation 4 Price
PS4 Pro Console $189
PS4 Slim Console $179
PS4 Console $169
PS4 Controller $55
PlayStation 3
PS3 Slim Console $99
PS3 Controller $55

Common faults - Disc read/feed error, power/image faults, red light error, cosmetic damage, charging issues, broken joysticks/buttons/triggers.

Xbox One Price
Xbox One S Console $179
Xbox One Console $165
Xbox One Controller $55
Xbox One Elite Controller $75
Xbox 360
Xbox 360 Slim Console $89
Xbox 360 HDMI Console $79
Xbox 360 Controller $55

Common faults - Broken screens, faulty buttons, charging/battery issues, cartridge read error, camera and 3D faults, cosmetic damage.

Nintendo Switch Price
Switch Console $179
Switch Dock $65
Switch Joy-Con $55
Nintendo Wii U
Wii U Console $95
Wii U Gamepad $85
Nintendo 3DS
New 3DS / New 3DS XL Console $105
3DS XL Console $85
3DS Console $65
Nintendo 2DS
New 2DS XL Console $105
2DS Console $85

Common faults - Broken screens, cosmetic damage, headphone jacks, camera faults, charge ports, charging issues.

iPad Mini Series Price
iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 $119
iPad Air Series Price
iPad Air 2 $275
iPad Air $135
iPad Series Price
iPad 2 / 3 / 4 $105
iPhone 6 Series
iPhone 6S+ $225
iPhone 6S $189
iPhone 6+ $165
iPhone 6 $125
iPhone 5 / 4 Series
iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / SE $89
iPhone 4 / 4S $69

Clean and Servicing Prices

Prolong the life of your console by giving it a detailed clean and service. Our Reboot team will fully clean all internal components to remove dust and prevent overheating. We provide comprehensive maintenance to your disc drive to prevent disc read and eject faults.

Xbox One Clean and Service Price
All Xbox One Models $85
PlayStation 4 Clean and Service Price
All PlayStation 4 Models $85
Xbox 360 Clean and Service Price
All Xbox 360 Models $65
PlayStation 3 Clean and Service Price
PS3 Slim Console $65

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be without my device?

We aim to have your console back to you ASAP, between 7 and 21 days, depending where in the country you live.

If you cannot repair my device, do I still have to pay?

No, there will be no charges if your device is unable to be repaired, and you will be refunded the deposit.

If my device in unable to be repaired can I trade the device in?

Yes. If your device cannot be repaired you are able to trade the device in as broken. Ask instore for more details about trading.

Do you offer a warranty on your services?

Certainly! All devices repaired or serviced by EB Games are covered under a 3 month warranty from date of pick up.

Have any questions? Call our amazing Customer Service Team on 0800 3242 637 (Mon - Fri 9am to 9pm NZST)